I seven the sandbox.
Your turn.

It’s okay to think inside the box…as long as it’s a completely new box.

Sure, there are lots of firms out there that do what we do. How we do it makes us different. We love what we do, and we do what we love. We look for client partners who share that same enthusiasm about their work and are open to unexpected and creative solutions. We look for the opportunity to teach you about what we do and how we can grow your business while making it run more efficiently.

A few things we’ve picked up along the way.

  • It’s important to stand out from the crowd
  • Never underestimate the power of humor
  • If given the choice between A, B, C, and D, 47% of people pick B
  • 63% of statistics are made up on the spot
  • People like reading bullets more than paragraphs
  • People like reading pictures more than bullets
  • Once in a while it’s okay to take the road more traveled
  • PowerPoint is usually not a good choice
  • Most jokes aren’t that funny over morse code