If your customers aren’t paying attention to your message, then chances are you’re paying for their attention.

Developing campaigns based on content that is of value to your audience will keep them coming back to drink from the well of your knowledge and insight. Over time, that activity results in a high level of trust, meaning people will start talking about you and doing the marketing work for you.

If not, you have to spend money on campaigns to spread your word for you. Unless you are a national or international brand with a multi-million dollar budget for brand awareness, then you need to be specific in your marketing efforts.

Even with a targeted campaign, you’re still in a crowded space of people who are paying for people’s attention. When developing a marketing campaign, keep these three questions in mind:

  1. Do I have a unique way of catching their attention?
  2. Am I promising or delivering something of value?
  3. Can I track my results to see what is working and what is not?